Ground Check undertakes trial pit investigations, where the opening of excavations are supervised and logged by experienced Engineering Geologists or Environmental Scientists, in accordance with BS5930.

  • Trial pits: offer a rapid and cost effective method of investigation, which allow direct physical inspection of the shallow ground and groundwater conditions, and indication of trench stability issues. Excavations are generally limited to 3m depth with a 5Tonne digger, although this can be increased to +4.5m with larger machines.
  • Slit Trenches: Ground Check employs qualified Streetworks Supervisors and Operatives who are trained to reinstate excavations in public footpaths. This allows us to expose and map the location of underground services, which reduces the risk of subsequent damage to public utilities during trench works in urban areas.
  • Inspection Pits: Hand excavated pits can also be opened to expose and measure the dimensions of foundations to existing buildings; where window sample boreholes can also be used to investigate the soils below the footings. This allows building extensions to be tied in with existing structures or can identify potential settlement problems for insurance purposes.