Our Commachio MC-305 rotary rigs can also be used for rock drilling, where boreholes can be extended to depths of +80m in competent strata.State-of-the-art Symmatrix drilling equipment allows boreholes to be drilled through unconsolidated drift deposits, including water bearing sands and gravels, and continued into rock using either rotary percussive drilling or rotary coring drilling methods. The use of a double or triple barrel liner system allows high quality cores of the rock to be recovered, which is suitable for detailed logging of the rock structure and geotechnical testing of intact specimens.

The Symmatrix system also enables the drill bit and rods to be withdrawn from the casing, to allow window sampling barrels or testing equipment to be inserted for soil sampling purposes.

Ground Check also maintains a strategic alliance with specialist rotary drilling contractors, where boreholes can be advanced to depths of greater than 150m below ground level with hole diameters of up to 300mm.